• Acupuncture
  • AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging
  • Aromatherapy
  • Biomat
  • Chinese Herbs
  • Cupping / Gua Sha
  • Detox 360 – An Integrative Detox System
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy – temporarily inactive
  • Needleless Ear Acupuncture
  • Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Functional Medicine
  • Nutritional Support
  • Supplements
  • Tui Na / Massage
  • Lab Tests




What is Chinese Medicine?
Chinese medicine believes that the origin of all disease is a disruption or blockage of the body’s Qi, or vital energy. Acupuncture restores the energy system to its ideal state so that the client is healthy, energized and vibrant. One client describes the effects of acupuncture as “a whole body brightening.”

Chinese Medicine also includes:
Cupping—stimulates blood flow and Qi in surface muscles. It is used to treat sore muscles, tension, neck pain colds and even bronchial conditions. “Cups” are placed over specific areas of the body using suction. It often described as a reverse massage. The skin is usually red after treatment which is a positive sign of toxins releasing through the skin. People report tremendous relief and increased range of motion.

Gua Sha—is a technique used to release muscle tightness and constriction. The skin can be red after treatment. which is a positive sign of toxins being released through the skin. It is a milder therapy than cupping.

Herb Therapy—can be a powerful complement to acupuncture. Herbs are used to balance, strengthen and support the body. This is most effective in conjunction with acupuncture. It is important for for the acupuncturist to know of medications and supplements being taken to avoid duplication and any herb drug interactions.

Moxibustion—is a treatment using the herb mugwort. It is often rolled and compressed into a cigar like shape. It is used to warm up acupuncture points or areas in order to hasten the healing process.

Nutritional Counseling—Susannah has found nutrition is the foundation of well being. Proper nutrition can accelerate the healing process and is a logical adjunct to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. She draws on her knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy as well as her on going training as a clinical nutritionist.  She also tests for allergies and other food related problems

Tui Na—translates to “push grasp.” It is a massage technique that moves Qi in the body. It is used to relieve muscle pain, tension and inflammation and to help heal injuries.

Other Services:

AcuGraph Report

The AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging System is a computerized toll used to analyze and document the energetic status of the acupuncture meridians. I will use the system in a short examination by touching a moistened probe to acupuncture points on your hands and feet. The AcuGraph system allows me to measure and analyze the energy balance of each acupuncture meridian. Armed with this information, I can make better-informed decisions about your condition, and provide the best treatment possible.

Detox 360 – An Integrative Detox System

Detox your BODY     Detox your DIET    Detox your LIFE

This 4 week program includes educational DVD’s, a highly detailed manual with easy-to-use food guides and recipes, daily journals, detailed explanations of toxicity sources, detox mechanisms, detox-promoting lifestyle practices, targeted nutrition, as well as supportive therapeutics. You are taken through a simple, step-by-step approach with clear explanations of how to complete each regimen.

In just a few weeks you can begin to experience results and look forward to continued improvement. The Detox 360 program includes

1) Dietary Support of the body’s detox processes, emphasizing whole foods and eliminating known inflammatory and allergenic foods.

2) Lifestyle practices, such as regular exercise, healthy sleep habits, etc. that support detoxification

3) Support of liver detox pathways

4) Stimulating kidneys, lymphs, and liver through physician-formulated homeopathic drainage formulas.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

There are two types of ranges that can be used for blood chemistry analysis: a pathological (laboratory) range and a functional range. Most doctors look only at laboratory ranges when evaluating blood chemistry. Medications are prescribed when results fall outside of those laboratory ranges.  We analyze blood chemistry at a functional level.

This means we look for patterns of dysfunction and assess risk for disease/pathologies before they fully develop. These patterns may be related to any of the following: cholesterol, insulin resistance, thyroid function, inflammation, hypoglycemia, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, gall bladder dysfunction, immune function, anemias, etc. If patterns of functional imbalances are found, we use strategies such as lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and nutritional products to help correct these imbalances before they become more serious issues.

Lab Testing:
As a part of my practice I work with several labs to test for Adrenal function, Allergies (food and environmental), Hormones and Neurotransmitters. With this information we can pinpoint the exact imbalance in the body and target the treatment protocol more specifically and achieve faster results. In the long run this can save you money by taking specifically what your body needs to rebalance and then maintain itself. This is a solution that will facilitate your body getting into balance and optimal health. One of the advantages of working with the labs is I can offer crèmes instead pills and potions which bypass the digestive systems which allows for much better absorption.

Hormonal and Adrenal Testing:
Doing an adrenal test gives us allot of information as to how the endocrine system is functioning. Adrenals affect hormonal balancing, Thyroid, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia. Adrenal fatigue is a huge issue as life stress levels are often high. people are working harder longer hours and don’t have down time. This takes a tremendous toll on the body as is never gets to recuperate and rejuvenate.

Allergy Testing:
So often, people’s digestive issues are because of food intolerances. These can cause upset stomach, loose stools, low energy, mal absorption of nutrients, skin problems, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety  I offer several allergy tests, a basic panel, a gluten panel and a when applicable a comprehensive panel.

Micronutrient Spectracell Testing

Overwhelming scientific evidence confirms that vitamin deficiencies are associated with disease processes and the overall condition of one’s health. Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies have been shown to suppress immune function and contribute to chronic degenerative processes such as arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This body of research has been reaffirmed by the Journal of the American Medical Association (June 19, 2002-Vol 287, No 23).

SpectraCell Laboratories, Inc. is a CLIA accredited clinical laboratory that specializes in micronutrient testing. This patented process resulted from 18 years of research at the University of Texas. The micronutrient tests measures how micronutrients are actually functioning within your patients’ white blood cells. These tests allow nutritional assessment of your patients for a broad variety of clinical conditions including arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, various immunological disorders, metabolic disorders and micronutrient deficiencies. Also offered by SpectraCell is a specialized profile of homocysteine, lipids and proteins to assess cardiovascular risk.