SB Testimonials


Here’s what people are saying:

I feel incredibly great!!! It’s a lightness that I haven’t felt before! It’s awesome! Thank you!!
It’s better than after a massage or even a tough workout. It’s incredible!

“Dr. Sunderland is a genius! Developing her skills and knowledge over the years, she has put together a magnificent process of healing that includes all five senses, quieting the mind in the process and warming the heart and soul. With the sound of the “OM” playing in the background during the session, I felt as if there were healers all around me. Bonus: I felt the effects of the treatment long after I left her office. I highly recommend that you give yourself this gift!” 

~ Donna K.


“I did something really cool last weekend. I went on a “Stress Buster Mini Retreat”! My colleague Susannah Sunderland is offering these transformational little “vacations” in her pretty office in Cardiff.
This was actually my second time because I liked it so much the first time. It leaves me feeling profoundly relaxed and revitalized. My skin gets very soft and my body feels lighter. This mini retreat includes 30 min on the Biomat (infrared heat through Amethysts stones) with relaxing ear acupuncture, beautiful music, tuning forks and stars everywhere. I usually fall asleep. Then the experience continues with 20 -30 min infrared sauna complete with essential oil detox spray, a shot of Fulvic acid and towels dipped in cool lemongrass water.
A truly fabulous experience.”